Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beer Pairings for Flintsone!

12% Imports have released the beer list to accompany our Flintsone menu:

Crispy Cricket Panang will be paired with a sparkling brut provided by Palatuer Imports
Potato and Black Bear Salad will be paired with Kalle Triple- Brouwerij Brouwkot
Kangaroo TarTar will be paired with t' Gaverhopke Extra- Brouwerij Gaverhopke
Python, Frog, & Scorpion Soup will be paired with Piet Agoras- Brouwerij Het Alternatief
African Lion RibEye will be paired with Tourney Black (Noir)- Brasserie De Cazeau
Grass Jelly, Tapioca, & Mango Sorbet will be paired with Sint Carnaris Triple- Sint Carnaris Brouwerij 

Reservations are filling up fast!
Please call or visit to save your spot ... Don't wait too long!

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