Friday, March 20, 2009

Glass Grenade Productions brings us live music

Iiiiinnnnnn t'Zottekot!!! TONIGHT!  

Doors open at 9 pm, please bring ID and your dancing shoes!  

Codename will be lighting up the stage with their amazing tunes and their LITERAL light show!! Also joining Codename will be a DJ and The Improv- a musician group compiled of Jon Joffe (Codename himself), Ian McGuire (MJ), Ilya Stemkovsky (BPast), and Brendan Johnson (The Juice)- for a super jam fest.  

The cover is $10 (well worth it for this fantastic spectical of musical talent... plus a light show, HELLO!)(light show!) 
All drinks at the bar are $5 cash... this includes 12 American Craft Draughts and rail liquor options (not to mention an excuse to talk to the smoking hot bartender Alexis! Bat those eye lashes gentleman! Swoon, swoon, swoon...)  
Limited bar menu available upon request.  

Be there or be square... ...and nothing is worse than a square. : )

Park in either Park America garages on the corner of 2nd and Lombard and bring your ticket in to be validated, upstairs or down, $3 on weekdays/$10 on Friday or Saturday... Don't be a victim of the PPA ever again! Eat and drink in peace knowing your car is safe and ticket free. See you tonight!

Also- Thank you for all the support in making Foie Gras Week such a monumental success! We'll be announcing the winners this week once the critique cards are all in from the participating establishments and can be counted. Oh the suspense!

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