Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Menu 04.15.09


Fern Morgan Memorial Menu


June 22, 1937 -  April 04, 2009



First course, your choice of:


v   Nettle Soup, toasted pine nuts

v   Grilled Foie Gras, wilted arugula, black brandied cherries

v   Garlic butter smothered Frog Legs

v   Country Pate, Tierenteyn Mustard

v   Fried Smelts, jalapeno chervil aioli


Second course, your choice of:


v   Garlic studded roast Leg of Lamb, braised red cabbage, garlic mash

v   Pan Seared Salmon, cream of black truffled gnocchi, salsify

v   1 Kilo of Mussels, friets:

·      Bruxelles- Bacon, leek, goat cheese, garlic, witt bier

·      Jamacian- Green curry, coconut milk, Red Stripe Lager

·      Red Devil- Tomato, harissa, witt bier

v   Grilled NY Strip, Black Pepper sauce, garlic friets

v   Asparagus Risotto, aged parmesan


Third course, your choice of:


v   Tres Leches Cake

v   Mini Candied Apples

v   Chocolate Cappuccino

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